Jennis & Bowen, P.A., Tampa Business Attorneys

The Tampa business lawyers at Jennis & Bowen, P.A., understand the challenges facing companies in financial turmoil. We are business people with law degrees. We are entrepreneurs who understand what it takes to make a business work. In every case, we strive to find a creative solution that provides a viable future and resolves the financial and operational challenges that might otherwise destroy your business.

Creating Solutions That Provide a Future

Our firm provides a comprehensive array of services designed to get your company through a difficult time and restructure it as a stronger, more viable operation with a promising future. Whether you are considering Chapter 11 bankruptcy or you need help with a non-bankruptcy debt restructuring, you can count on us for skillful, creative, results-oriented representation. With Jennis & Bowen's help, there is life after debt.

With every client we serve, our first priority is to thoroughly understand your business. We listen carefully to your concerns and your goals. We conduct a complete analysis of your situation and present you with the various options available in pursuit of your goals. We take a proactive, positive approach to solving your problems, working diligently to find a solution that lays a solid foundation on which to build (or rebuild) your company.